Apartment Roommates: Pros And Cons


Apartments are there to live, and usually one has the option of living with a roommate or not. There are pros and cons of each thing and so is the case of roommates. Here we will discuss the benefits and the disadvantages of the roommates. Remember that living in Jacksonville apartments can turn whole fun if you have roommates around.

It is always nice to have someone around especially when you are in a new city and you know very few people, so roommates can be a blessing is such a situation.  On the other hand if you like to have some privacy and want to have own space for you then for sure it is good to live alone. Roommates are very helpful and in the case of emergency they are the first one to come to your rescue. You will never get hire in the presence of a roommate as many times it happens that you are so absorbed in the routine that you forget about the common stuff and when you come back from the work, a friend waiting for you with a cup of coffee is always a delight.

One can easily say that in the presence of a roommate one can never get bore and always has something to do. As usually what happens is that you get to spend less time in the apartment, as a result you don’t even get time to clean the place, so if you happen to have a roommate you people can clean the apartment in turns. These though look like very casual points but once you get into the apartment and see no one there you might turn into a psychotic, so instead of living in a haunted apartment do get yourself a roommate.

Now let’s see the other side of the picture, which by the way isn’t that bright. You move out of your home and you want some privacy some space as you don’t get that independence in home. It is simply amazing feeling to wake up in the morning and seeing that no one is around and only you are the sailor of the ship. If you are a person who likes to move around the apartment naked then you must live alone, as you cannot do this sort of stuff with your roommate around. Moreover the real problems occur when the roomies bring their friends around and you obviously cannot say them anything in front of their friends and whether you like it or not but you have to bear that. Frankly it’s up to you that whether you want to have a roommate or not. This all depends on your personality, but whatever your decision is think it well before you finalize it.