Residents against QuikTrip in Parkville, cite traffic problems

PARKVILLE, Mo. – A preliminary proposal to build a QuikTrip at an intersection in Parkville has residents concerned about the future of their neighborhood.

"What do the citizens of Parkville get out of this? And the answer is right now all I see is all negative and I don’t see anything much positive," local Bob Bruer said.

Neighbors said it will only get worse if the chain puts a gas station at the corner of 45 and 9 Highway

"The 9-45 corridors is already known for being terrible for traffic," fellow resident Tristan Heck Gilbert, said. "They’re not really addressing flows coming in and out of Parkville they’re addressing flows coming in and out of that commercial property

The city has already figured out that sales and real estate taxes will put more money in Parkville’s pockets, but neighbors said it will have the opposite effect on their home values

"I would imagine that a home that backs up to gas station, a service station, a QuikTrip would not be somebody’s first choice to buy," Bruer said.

QuikTrip met with neighbors two weeks ago about the proposal and said they’ll review their comments before they resubmit their plans to the city. Neighbors hope, in the end their voices are heard

"I think really what they need to do is truly address the fears," Heck Gilbert said.

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