Visiting Parkville MO

Have you heard the news? Parkville Missouri is a great place to live. What about those of us who want to experience all that the charming and distinctive older city has to offer?

It turns out that there are several ways to make this trip work for you.

What’s There To Do In Parkville?
Parkville is a step back in time to the age of riverboats, the idea of the new American dream, and quaint small town Americana. It’s an ideal place to visit to get away from it all while enjoying a sometimes whimsical and creative space burst out of more sedate 1800’s and 1900’s architecture. That’s the historic downtown experience.

While there, visit antique and curio shops, hit fashion boutiques and gift shops, and take in a bite to eat afterward. It’s the idyllic place that makes it so very attractive to the people who call it home.

Festivals And Events
It is also a town that knows how to host a good event (or many) throughout the year. From a Christmastime festival to the antique car shows, music festivals to arts it is a great place to go for a special community party.

Visiting is pretty easy. There are hotels nearby the local airport, in Kansas City, on the way from the big city, and even within Parkville MO.

Many love to extend their full on experience to include immersion in the historic downtown area. It’s a great way to stay nearby and not miss out on any of the events or shopping. Enjoy all your meals in the quaint downtown space while having all of the events within walking distance.

The Main Street Inn is a spectacular inn or bed and breakfast, where you may also take in delicious home-cooked meals, luxurious bath suites in this charming 1800’s home. Enjoy a more intimate experience and take on downtown.

The Outdoor Experiences
Parkville is particularly well known for its long-time connection to the Missouri River. At one time getting around involved taking riverboats, whether to transport goods or the people to and from this town. The Landing is a great way to take in nature while enjoying the historic value of the local landscape.

For another very unique experience, check out the shooting range. It is well-cared for by the State government and is an inexpensive and safe place to try your hand. There’s even more to do here, if you know who to ask.